Prenatal and Postnatal

Rosifit Prenatal and Postnatal :

What you will learn during our course will not only help you through your pregnancy and postpartum fitness journey but the knowledge gained will serve you well through any stage in your life. Bringing back awareness to your body, how and why it moves the way it does and how to reduce aches and pains that inevitably may arise as the kids grow up and you return to work is invaluable.

During pregnancy, our posture is thrown out of state which strengthen and weaken some muscles while others get tight and overactive. While there is no perfect posture, you will learn ways to reduce common posture related aches and pains. We will get you to inspect ways to move in and out of different postural patterns, be it during structured exercise or during daily activities, in a way that feels natural and practical. We will go through awareness and simple movements that can make changes quick while providing stretching and strengthening exercises to help you battle those stiff or troublesome areas.

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