The Fitness Center:

Welcome to the home of health and wellbeing in the heart of RosiFit, the best women only gym in Coimbatore. Our training methods make you feel confident, fun and motivates you to achieve your target. We are passionate about our belief that all women have the right to live healthy life. Our focus is on transforming your fitness and your life through practical exercise program designed for women. Our exclusive RosiFit ladies only training outdoor fitness center and online fitness classes will help you burn fat, inch loss, slim down, and boost your metabolism making you feel and look healthy & fit. We Welcome all the Women to experience the best Training Programs & Facilities to improve their health & fitness.

Our Online Classes:
We are offering the Prenatal & Postnatal pregnancy Online Classes to keep you Fit during & post Pregnancy. With experienced and certified instructors, RosiFit is the perfect place to get started on your Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness journey to the next level. We offer a variety of classes designed to help women of all shapes and sizes.

About Mrs.Roshi Ravishankar:
Mrs. Roshi is the Best Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Trainer in Coimbatore who has taken fitness and training to greater heights. Roshi is the founder of RosiFit and specializes in Fitness training, health coach, weight loss consultant, one to one, one to two, group and corporate training in addition to offering online Prenatal and Postnatal fitness training making it easy for you to quickly get the best results and has over 5 years’ experience.

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